My motorcycle stole my beauty

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Casa Cresta sits atop a ridge between two beautiful Nicaraguan beaches just north of San Juan del Sur.  It's owned by a friend of mine named Dan K. who built it in 2010 with a group of his friends who sought refuge, adventure, and a decent investment along the Nicaraguan coast.  From the pool deck, the Captain's Perch, the kitchen window, or the bedrooms, you can see either Playa Maderas to the north or Playa Marsella to the South (or, from some vantage points, both).  Complimenting the views, are the sounds of howler monkeys marking their territory, waves crashing in the distance, and gentle winds blowing through the tree canopy.  It's a sublime place that calms the nerves, soothes the soul, and begs you to do nothing more than exactly what you want.
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El Salvador and Honduras

Hard to believe it, but we crossed through two more countries in a short 6 days as we continue to make our way through Central America.  Here are a few highlights from El Salvador and Honduras: 

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Belize and Guatemala

Taking in the sights
Taking in the sights
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Last weeks in Mexico

Our final two weeks in Mexico were filled with beautiful waterfalls, long, picturesque, mountainous rides, impressive ruins, and a relaxing, breathtaking beach retreat.  Here's the long and short of it:

We had been looking forward to San Cristobal de Las Casas since we began planning this trip.  We had read and heard about the appeal of this quaint town with its cobblestone streets, lively plaza, indigenous population and beautiful setting in the central highlands of Chiapas.  It did not disappoint.  We found Hostal Casa de Paco right as we rolled into town and parked ourselves there for a few days.  We can't recommend this place enough.  Paco was a gracious, friendly, and helpful host and we felt right at home relaxing in the sunny courtyard, cooking dinner in the communal kitchen and getting to know the other guests during breakfast (included in the price).  We explored the town, enjoyed a few comida corridas (wicked cheap and hearty home cooked meals), sat around sipping coffee at a cafe on the plaza, ate a cricket (common snack in this part of Mexico), and walked through the open air market.  

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