The Bikes

When our planning for The Live It Right Dream Ride began, we intended to ride our BMW 1150GS Adventure "two-up" all the way down to Tierra del Fuego.  Jay would be the primary driver and Emily the primary passenger, while alternating at various points along the way.  The problem with that plan is that space would have been limited, the bike would have been heavy, and it wouldn't have provided the independence that both of us enjoy.  


So, in 2013, we altered our plans and decided to take two bikes.  We immediately began looking for something that would suit us both well physically, while providing the versatility and durability needed to traverse the wide variety of terrain we'll be encountering.  A smaller dual sport became the obvious choice.  


On May 1, 2014 we nailed down our choice and bought two 2013 Suzuki DR 650s from Nicholson's in Ann Arbor!  Chip, Casey, and the team at Nicholson's were terrific to work with throughout the process and have been incredibly supportive of this endeavor from the very beginning.