The Riders

Jay Wilgus and Emily Flinkstrom met in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2006 and instantly connected over their mutual love for travel and adventure. Emily had never ridden a motorcycle at the time of their meeting, but it wasn’t long before Jay introduced her to the world of dirt biking and they were touring the beautiful Utah trails together. Four years later, they took their first big trip as a couple riding their BMW 1150GS Adventure along the Great Divide Route from New Mexico to Montana. They married in 2011 and before departing for The Live It Right Dream Ride, resided in Ann Arbor where they worked for the University of Michigan.

Jay Wilgus

Jay was born in Rockford, Illinois but spent a significant amount of time visiting his grandparents in Southern California where he would ride around in the foothills on his Great Uncle’s Batavus or any other two wheeled vehicle he could find laying around his grandpa’s yard. After graduating from high school Jay moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to ski and go to school. He quickly fell in love with the desert as well and pursued his interest in off-road riding and racing. Jay stayed in the state for the next 13 years working, attending law school, skiing, and riding. Jay has owned many bikes over the years including several Honda XR600’s and 650’s; a Honda CRF450X; a Yamaha XT225, WR450, and XS750; a BMW 1150 GS Adventure; and a Kawasaki KLR650 which he took to and through Mexico on multiple occasions. Jay has ridden the Great Divide Route twice and competed in multiple desert and motocross races, including Vegas to Reno and the Baja 1000.

Emily Flinkstrom

Emily was born and raised in South Berwick, a small town in Southern Maine. She attended the University of Vermont where she studied Marketing and Spanish.  While in undergrad, Emily spent time in Europe and became enamored with traveling and exploring new places and cultures.  Upon graduating, she was drawn to the beauty of the mountains and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where she worked for various non-profits before obtaining a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Colorado State University.  Subsequently, she took a job coordinating a college access program based out of the University of Michigan.  Emily has five years of riding experience both on and off road.  Her bikes have included a Honda NX125, a Honda XR250, and a Honda Rebel 250.  In addition to motorcycling, Emily is an avid runner, reader, and gardener.