The Timeline

The Live It Right Dream Ride began on July 3, 2014 when we left Ann Arbor and headed north toward the Mackinaw Bridge.  What follows is a timeline from that point on, which will be updated and expanded as the planning progresses.  Click here to see where we are right now!

United States

Depart from Ann Arbor, MI     July 2, 2014

Minocqua, WI                         

Minneapolis, MN                    

Jackson, WY                           July 18

Three Forks, MT                     

Portland, OR                         July 30


FLY TO MAINE                       Month of August


Corvalis, OR                          Beginning of September

San Fransisco, CA                   

San Luis Obisbo, CA               

Sun City, CA                          Beginning of November


Baja, Mexico                          November 8ish - 18'ish, 2014

Mainland Mexico                   November 18'ish - December 18'ish, 2014

Central America

Guatemala to Panama            December 19 - February, 2015

South America

Colombia to Bolivia              February, 2015 - April 20, 2015

United States- Hiatus

United States                        April 20th - October 1st

South America- Round 2

Bolivia, Argentina & Chile     October 2nd - December 21st