The Mission

Life is short... Live It Right. A simple, yet brilliant philosophy that means something different for everyone. For us, it means filling our lives with love, gratitude, laughter, friendship, service, authenticity, and adventure, while being mindful of the privilege that permits us to do so and the obligation we have to address the social inequities that prevent others from doing the same. Live It Right also serves as a steady reminder for us to be courageous enough to dream, humble enough to fail, and strong enough to get back up.


Our Live It Right dream is to ride motorcycles from Ann Arbor, Michigan to the southernmost tip of South America - Tierra del Fuego.  On July 3rd, 2014 we began living that dream!


What's your Live It Right dream?  What does Live It Right mean to you?  Regardless, thanks for joining the effort to Live It Right.



Emily and Jay

The Live It Right Dream Ride